We continue to bring more of our usual offerings back on line.
Here’s what you can find now in our Deli.

  • Sandwiches to order! We welcome walk-in customers but if you can call (413-586-1684 ext. 4) your order to us in advance, that’ll speed things up!
  • Pre-made sandwiches, garden salads, deli salads, sliced Boar’s Head meats and cheese to grab and go
  • A full assortment of deli salads in our deli case
  • Boar’s Head meats and cheeses sliced to order
  • Cheeses from near and far in the self-serve cheese case
  • All your favorite cured meats, olives, and other treats you’ve missed these last months
  • Our own freshly ground hamburger
  • Arnold’s meats

Cooper's Corner Deli. Your first stop.

Meats sliced to order. Everything from bologna and turkey breast to imported prosciutto.

Cheeses. Whether from a local goat cheese maker, regional cheddars, or imported cheeses from around the world, we have a constantly growing selection. Read more about our cheeses here.

Deli salads. Everything from cole slaw to potato salad to several pasta salads, garbanzo-cucumber salad, satay noodle salad, fruit salad. With a sandwich, as a snack or as an easy side dish for your dinner.

Lunch — Order an overstuffed deli sandwich from the wide array on our regular menu. Or choose one of our creative entrées or grilled sandwiches from our weekly specials menu and make lunch something special without spending too much.

For a special treat. Try one of the State Street bakery treats. Peanut butter cookies, Lime Bars, Chocolate cake, or those ultra-yummy Mexican chocolate cookies.

For the easiest dinner you’ll ever put on your table — An evening entrée and a freshly made tossed salad.

Catering. Whether you need platters for an office party or elegant hors d’oeuvres for a special party at your home or anything in between, call State Street Deli for catering.

Cooper's Corner Deli. Your first and last stop.

Heading to Northampton? Visit our sister store, State Street Fruit Store. We’re not identical twins, but we share a commitment to quality, value and customer service we know you’ll appreciate.

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